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At Inside-Out, we believe that the cause of disease is a poor state of health. Functional wellness focuses on the cause of the disease-rather than simply treating the symptoms.

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The diseases that are increasingly wreaking havoc on our bodies all have a common trait: they are symptoms of poor health. 

Drugs are designed to treat symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of your condition. 


We all have a choice: continue to take medications to cover up our symptoms, or take a stand and begin to look at the true cause of the disease. 


This is the core of functional wellness. 



We love meeting new people on their healing journey. If you are a new patient, follow the link below for more information before your first appointment. 

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Our family cannot say enough about InsideOutClinic.  Dr John has been our entire family’s health care advisor for over 10 years. He has improved each of our well being in numerous ways. Starting with healing from sports injuries, chronic sinusitis, menopause symptoms and credited with healing numerous ailments over the years. InsideOutClinic gives honest, safe and accurate advice and help. We consider them partners with our family in keeping us well. 

The G Family

I highly recommend Dr John and staff. I have been with them for over ten years. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me. I’m  a firm believer in the body was designed to heal itself. However we have been compromised by what we eat-drink-breathe Dr John has definitely put me on a path to a truly healthier life. 

Current Patient

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