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  • What is functional wellness?
    Dr. Ressler uses the concept of functional wellness in his practice. Functional wellness focuses on the causes of disease and dysfunction, rather than treating the symptoms of the disease.
  • What is morphogenic field testing?
    All matter, including the human body, has an electromagnetic field. By bringing substances in and out of our morphogenic field, we're able to identify the nutrients you need to heal properly.
  • How often should I visit the clinic?
    This varies from patient to patient; the frequencey of your visits depends on your individual case. That said, we tend to see newer patients more frequently as we build a regimine for their specific, nutritional needs. To reorder your prescription between visits, click here.
  • What kind of supplements do you prescribe?
    At Inside-Out Clinical Nutrition, we generally prescribe whole-food and/or herbal supplements by Standard Process. You can brouse the full line of Standard Process products here.
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