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What are antihistamines?

It's allergy season again, and you can already feel the itch in your nose, throat, and eyes. Those suffering from allergies dread this time of year. And seeking refuge indoors further exposes us to pet dander, mite-infested fabric, and household pests.

No doubt you've heard of antihistamines, the medical drugs that work to curb allergy-related symptoms. But what do they do? And what is histamine anyway?

Let’s find out.

What is “Histamine”?

Allergens such as pollen and dust mites often have us sneezing, coughing, and itching like crazy. We call this an allergic reaction. The symptoms we feel are caused by a chemical known as histamine.

Histamines are naturally occurring chemicals produced by the mast cells when the body is exposed to an allergen. Once the immune system detects the allergen, it releases a chemical to signal the mast cells to release the dogs. Or… chemicals, as the case may be.

Once released, histamine increases blood flow to the exposed areas, causing inflammation. This will make you sneeze, cough, itch, or get a runny nose, all in a bid to get rid of the allergen.

Think of histamines as your body's first line of defense against an invader.

While the chemical's attempt to protect you is good, its overreaction to an otherwise harmless object is not. This is where antihistamines come in.

The Problem with Antihistamines

Antihistamines work to block the release of histamines by mast cells, thus curbing allergic reactions.

But antihistamines pose a huge problem: they expose the user to side effects such as drowsiness and headaches--just to name a few.

Recent research has also found that using antihistamines can make the subsequent allergic reaction stronger. This potential adverse allergic reaction can increase the risk of entering a state of anaphylactic shock. So, where does that leave us?



Detoxification can help get rid of toxin overload in your body, as well as too much histamine.

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